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Image of Biker Zombies From Detroit

Biker Zombies From Detroit

Biker Zombies from Detroit is a horror/comedy contrasting the dark deadly streets of outer Detroit against the posh and protected upscale community of Grosse Pointe. A series of horrific murders are committed in the Detroit area. Now it seems an evil darkness has descended onto the streets of Grosse Pointe, and hidden within is the wrath of 'Biker Zombies from Detroit'! Ken Yargeau and his mother Francis relocate from the quaint rural town of Hell, Michigan to the exclusive Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. Ken quickly has a rude awakening when he meets the local high school pretty-boys and is immediately spurned by his peers. However, Courtney Goodwyn the local sweetheart finds herself attracted to the new guy in town. And promptly dumps her pretty-boy wannabe boyfriend, Chad Porter. Meanwhile on the gritty nocturnal streets of Detroit, an evil force has returned and begins constructing a modern day army of Zombie warriors. His new generals are here to recapture a world that was stolen from him many eons ago. The leather clad Dark Knights hit the streets on thunderous chrome steeds slaughtering any who stand before them! The final battle begins when the last General is inducted into their ranks and infiltrates Grosse Pointe, the Achilles heel of our self-obsessed society.

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Biker Zombies from Detroit [DVD] [2002]

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